New Refund Policy 2022

We believe that motherhood deserves a party, but if you’ve decided not to throw yours with us, that’s ok. Thank you for trying us out. Most importantly we want to offer our congratulations to the expecting mom!

A full and complete refund is available in the first 14 days, provided you have not already had your shower on our platform.

If you are needing to process a refund, please contact our customer support directly and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Please note: Our customer support is on duty during these support hours, so if you message us on a day our support is unavailable — no worries, we will get right to assist you as soon as possible!

Examples of full refund requests we grant:

  • You tried our service out, built a website, and invited a few co-hosts. Then found out the expecting parent(s) want to cancel and do a Sip n’ See instead. It happens, and we are happy to refund you.
  • You looked at all of our themes and can’t find one that’s perfect for your event. You can actually upload any theme you like! But hey, if you’re still not happy, we will get you that refund.
  • You bought it as a surprise for the expecting parent(s), and they aren’t feeling it. No worries, we can take care of you.
  • Maybe you heard we have a feature that you can’t find? Well, we for sure want to know from you what that cool feature is so that we can build it! But, in the meantime, we can refund you.

Examples of refund requests we might not grant:

  • You had your event two months ago and have now decided to cancel. We are happy for your growing tribe, but — in fairness — you’ve already used our platform.

Feel free to read our Terms of Service here