When deciding you want to build a WebBabyShower with us, we have two plans you can choose from. Although these plans do have a price difference, one does not come with more features over the other. The only difference is the time frame that your WebBabyShower will be active for.

Both of our plans allow you to build your own website, WebBabyShower includes:

  • Designing your own shower by choosing between 80+ of our pre-made themes. 
    • You can also create your own theme and even customize the background to your liking!
  • Customizable guest email invites, and RSVP email invites.
  • Private and personal gallery and website.
    • You and your friends don’t need to worry about being bombarded with ads on Facebook or elsewhere because we never share or sell your information to anyone for any reason.
  • Interactive guestbook.
    • You can reply to any of your guests' comments.
  • Fun baby shower games with leaderboards.
  • Location to link your gift registries and address.
  • Add events
  • Built-in video chat to host a virtual party
  • Mobile app for guests


Your website will be yours to make how ever you want. 

With our Standard Baby Shower Plan ($79), your website will be active until 6 months after your initial purchase. During these 6 months, you will have complete control over what happens on your website. After the 6 months from the time of your purchase is up, your WebBabyShower will be deactivated. Not to worry though - you can keep your website going as long as you want if you decide to pay for additional time. 

With our Baby Shower & Baby's 1st Year Plan ($129), your website will be active up to a year after your initial purchase. With this plan you can do everything you could with the previous shower plan, the only difference is that your website will be active for a year, rather than just 6 months. 

Great, where do I start?


If you have any further questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.