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In order to edit the text of your shower, you will first need to locate the Preview to Edit Page toggle in the middle of the top menu bar.

Top Menu Bar> Toggle Switch Preview to Edit Page



A good way to know if you are in Edit Page mode will be when you see the edit symbols beside the items on your page. Edit Page will also be highlighted


2. Once you are in edit mode, simply click the text that you wish to edit and the text box will appear with a few options.

Edit Mode> Body of Text to be Edited

Edit options from left to right are: Bold Text, Underline Text, Italicize Text, Alignment (left, centered, right), Heading 1 Size Option, Heading 2 Size Option, Heading 3 Size Option, Paragraph Size Option, Hyperlink, and Font Style Dropdown bar.


3. Once you have entered in your preferred text, Simply click outside the text box and click the slider back to the preview option, your changes are automatically changed.


If you have any further questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.