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Note: Video calls work on Mobile and Desktop. It will be available on iPad soon!


Table of contents:

Start a Video Party Call

Add Reactions to your Video call

Take a Screenshot

Share your Screen

Send Messages

View all Participants

Leave the Call


Start a Video Party Call

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1. Go to your Admin settings.


2. On the Admin page, click on the plus symbol next to (+) Host Party.


3. Select Video Party Call.


3. On the Video Party Call page, enter the title of the video call. This is only for your reference.


4. Select a background image. This will be shown as the background of your video call page.

On the Video Party Call setup page, by default, no background is selected but you have an option to select your Baby Shower Theme as the video call background image or upload a custom background image.


To select your Baby Shower Theme:


To upload a custom background image:


5. Select guests.

The selected guests will receive an email with the link for the video call. 

There are three options you can pick from:

All Guests - All the emails you added to your guest list will receive a video call invite

Specific Guests - All the emails will be listed and you can check or uncheck each of them

No Guest - Once you start the video, it will not send out any invites


6. Click the Start Video Call button.


You will then be asked to confirm to start the video.


7. Click Yes and the video call will start and open in a new tab. 

At the same time, all the guests you selected (if any) from the previous step will receive an email invitation to join the video call.

If you want to get the link to the video, go back to your Admin Settings tab where you started the call. You have the option to copy the link or make another call.

Please note that you can only host one video call at a time. If you click Make Another Call on this page, the previous call will end automatically.


Note: Make sure to allow your browser to have access to your camera and microphone to be able to connect to the video call.


Now you can start to chat with your guests, play games, share your screen, and more! The video call feature doesn't have a time limit so you can enjoy your video party without worrying that you'll get cut off at any time.


Add reactions to your video call

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There are 4 reaction emojis you can add to your video call. 

1. To select an emoji, click on the smiley face icon on the bottom menu of the video call page. It will expand the options where you can select from 4 emojis.



2. Click on the emoji 


When you click on any of them, all the participants of the video call will see it on their screens.


Take a Screenshot

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1. To take a screenshot of the call, click on the emoji icon from the bottom menu bar.

It will expand and show emoji icons and a camera icon at the end. Click on the camera icon. This will automatically download a screenshot of your video call to your computer.


Share your Screen

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The share screen feature can be used for playing the slide-based games 

1. To share your screen, click on the ellipsis icon from the bottom menu bar of the video call page and select Share Your Screen.



2. Your browser will ask you whether to share your whole screen, a window, or a tab. Choose which one you want to share and click on Share.


Send Messages

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You can also send messages that are visible to everyone in the call. Here are the steps to do that:

1. On the bottom menu bar, click on the ellipses and click Messages.

The Chat Panel will show up on the right-hand side of the video page and you can start sending messages to everyone.


2. To send a message, type it in the Type your message text area on the bottom section of the chat panel and press enter on your keyboard. To close the Chat Panel, click on the icon in the upper right corner. 



View All Participants

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1. To see all participants, click on the ellipsis from the bottom menu bar, then select Manage Participants


2. The Participants' Panel will show up on the right-hand side of the screen and with the list of the participants on the call. You can also search for their names.

From this panel, there is a Copy Invite Link button that lets you automatically copy the link to the video once you click it. You can then share it with anyone you'd want to join the call.


Leave the Call

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1. To leave the call, click on the ellipsis from the bottom menu bar and click on Leave Call


If you have any further questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.